Thursday, June 19, 2008

Karyam Nissaram

Starring : Prem Nasir, Balachandramenon, Lalualex, Ummar, Lekshmi, Sukumari, Jalaja, Pournima, Baiju
Direction : Balachandramenon
Genre : Family entertainer
This is one of the best films( in 80's ) made by the great director Balachandramenon. The film deals with a small family of Nasir & Lekshmi and their two daughters(jalaja & pournima). Nasir is an advocate but he sticks to his principles greatly. Lekshmi is from a rich family and she shows the head weight too.They have had a love marriage. Their daughter(jalaja) falls in love with her Lecturer(Lalu alex) & marries him. Menon is having a workshop and a driving school. Pournima goes to his driving school to study driving and falls in love with him.Lekshmi opposes their love, but they decided to live together. Nasir plays the role of a good natured father brilliantly.But lekshmi initially can't accept her daughter's decision. Ummar, as nasir's neighbour is an ex-service man lives with her wife(sukumary). They are extremely depressed of having no children. Suddenly baiju appears as ummar's son but no one except nasir knows it. News of becoming a grand mother bring lekshmi back to pournima. The sudden death of ummar revolves the story.Lekshmi become suspicious that baiju is nasir's son. This breaks their family relationship and they separates. Finally menon took the initiative to reunite nasir and lekshmi and he succeeds.
This film is a perfect family entertainer of back 80's. With no villian and a good story with some comic situations this is a good movie to watch.
Balachandramenon had been excellent both as a director and an actor in this movie..Prem nasir is simply awesome as a loving father.
Every one should watch this family entertainer...

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